Thanks to daylight saving Nina the Kitten now wakes us at 6.30am for a cuddle and a feed, instead of 5.30am. That makes a big difference. In my world 5.30am is still yesterday and I refused to get out of bed just because Nina wanted me to. It wasn’t today yet. Even when she climbed onto the bedhead and dive-bombed my face.

That trick works now that it happens at 6.30am though I generally get up to kill her rather than feed her. And then I see those gorgeous green eyes. And she shows me her white furry tummy.

On other fronts daylight saving has been less wonderful this year.

Clocks that used to adjust automatically to the new time haven’t done so. How could that possibly be true? Good question. Bedside clocks. Ovens. Digital hard drive recorders. What if Robinson records an episode of Outback Truckers instead of Below Deck?

Not even my computer changed to the new time. But that’s impossible! Good point.

My Garmin fitness fanatic wrist watch is the most frustrating of all. At the risk of sounding like someone from 5.30am I’d long ago switched off the Garmin app on my phone because I was convinced it was playing havoc with my Spotify app. (And occasionally selecting shit songs. ‘Let’s Get Physical’ and ‘Back That Ass Up’, etc.)

Anyway, when the Garmin watch didn’t change automatically to daylight saving I synced it back to my phone and turned the app back on. Now my watch is 5 hours and 5 minutes behind daylight saving time, which sometimes also throws the day and date out of kilter too and makes me feel giddy and lost.

Every time I look at my watch I get that look on my face that Dad used to get when he couldn’t remember who I was.

I’ve never been good at maths (‘talkative and easily distracted’) and trying to add 5 hours and 5 minutes to whatever time is on display is impossible for me, especially around those complicated hours near midday. The watch was meant to sync with my phone, which did achieve daylight saving, but that hasn’t happened.

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m more or less a tech whiz, so this is all perplexing.

We only got around to changing the time display in the car about two months ago. Now it’s wrong again too. I might buy a new car.

Tomorrow – which is either five or ten hours away, depending on when yesterday was – we get to go back to the gym for the first time in months. Dominic Ferretface has set us all free, so long as we agree to spend spend spend and ignore the bodies.

I’ve got an awful sense that we’ll obey.


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