We’ve been away, inland, and then we drove back up the coast. We ate oysters for breakfast in Merimbula, which is something I’ve never done before. I’d do it again. They’re better than muesli.

Another thing I’ve never done before is write and publish a novel, but today all that changes. Today my novel THE DEAD BED is available as an eBook or an old-fashioned printed book. You can find the link to purchase either version here, and if you click on the cover art, a very brief author biography of the momentous achievements in my small life:

Thanks to all of you who pre-ordered the eBook. By now it should be fizzing in your Kindle or your tablet or mobile phone or wherever good online books are read. In a hammock, for example. Or even better, in a dingy bar like Wayward Brewery where you can actually see the screen. If it’s not there already it may be because different outlets may take a little longer to upload it. It shouldn’t be long.

You can use the link, above, to order a print copy too. I think. My proof copy arrived within a fortnight. It’s printed in Australia, and the quality is good. No; excellent. You won’t believe it but I designed the cover myself.

If you can’t find the link to order a print copy (or if you can!) let me know. I’m finding it hard to find too, and am awaiting feedback from the publisher.

Some readers said they’d like to have a signed copy. Given COVID is colonising once more, I’ve declined the offer of a launch party in the Sydney Opera House* but I can sign a print copy if you want and hopefully deliver it to you before Christmas (in Australia). I can supply you with bank transfer details for when it arrives to you, for around $30.00.

I hope you enjoy reading THE DEAD BED, and if you do, please review it positively and SHARE the link with all your friends and networks and book clubs! Some of you have kindly already done that but now the link is live so feel no shame in doing it again!

I’m happy to talk my head off about the experience of writing the book, and the characters, and fend off inevitable observations that Sydney doesn’t necessarily exist the way I pretend. But no spoilers please.

You’ll likely get sick of me reminding people to buy the book, so apologies in advance. Thanks.

  • There was no such offer.

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