Dried leaves have fallen onto the lawn from the weeping myrtle. Summer is here.

The lawn itself is a miracle. Our neighbours had a few jigsaw pieces of turf left over from landscaping their backyard and offered them to me. In time honoured fashion I didn’t do anything properly. I didn’t pull up or poison the weeds in my existing lawn, and wait ten days, or level things off. All of this was considered ESSENTIAL in capital letters on the turf company website.

Instead, just like my meadow method from a couple of summers ago, I laid the new scraps of turf down like mats and watered them and hoped for the best.

They don’t cover the entire back yard and the contrast between the new turf – Kardinia Park, I call it – and the old lawn is pitiful to behold. It gives me a headache.

It’s been down for a week and is still green, with green weeds already coming up through the gaps. If it survives I might do the proper retired thing and pay for a new lawn that I can spend my dotage fertilising and fretting about.

It feels fantastic to walk on in bare feet. But soon I’ll be wearing walk socks and sensible flat shoes so I’ll never enjoy that pleasure anyway. Besides, by then I’ll have a sign somewhere obvious telling children and magpies to KEEP OFF THE GRASS.


It’s been a fortnight now since the highly uncoordinated launch of my novel The Dead Bed. Sorry about the shambles but it would be unlike me to do things properly. Just look at my lawn. And it wasn’t even near all my fault.

I’m now aiming for a slow burn.

Thanks to everyone who used the link (below) to buy an eBook version – which works like a charm – and to those who have posted a review. Five stars! I know my readers are smart, lively, amused and amazing people! Thank you.

To those who want print copies (the quality of my proof copy is really good) please explore the link below, which now offer at least a couple of options for ordering print copies. Clicking on the icons for various sellers reveals very different deals, but check on postage, and the US$, and delivery times etc.

An alternative is to copy and paste the ISBN here – 9798215273173 – into the search tab for your preferred bookstore and see what deal they are offering.

To all those who have previously contacted me to supply them with a copy I hope to be able to mail them out next week. (To join the Australia Post Christmas rush and arrive in mid-January, possibly.)

Here’s the link to order eBooks or print copies, or you can get in touch with me with any questions.

Once you’ve read it, and if you like it, please share the link with your social networks!


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